Hearthstone takes a wrench to the guts of Rumble Run


There’s nothing wrong with playing by yourself, you lonely soul you. There must be quite a few like minds, because Hearthstone continues to pour resources into its solo modes, such as the new Rumble Run that came with the Rastakhan’s Rumble expansion.

Rumble Run got a tune-up on Thursday now that Blizzard’s had some time to evaluate and plan the future of the feature. The update nerfed boss decks a little to make them feel more fair, weighted card rewards, and keeps shrines constant when players lose a boss fight.

Blizzard also said that it tweaked the arena: “Following our Arena update last December, we have adjusted the appearance rate of each individual card available in Arena to ensure the overall win-rate of each class remains as close as possible to our ideal of 50%.”

Source: Hearthstone

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Gene Elder

I suck at hearthstone. I love hearthstone, but I suck at it. I played it constantly when it first came out, and I spent money on it. Now i barely bother with it. I worked hard to get certain cards, and Blizz retires them. I research and build decks to try and compete and get wiped by players with fancier decks I can’t keep up with (not blaming or shaming, just saying). I have been working for years to finish the earlier solo content, and slam my head against the wall on the newer stuff. I am never going to finish the solo content, and it’s frustrating. I haven’t played the arena since I first tried it and realized that for some reason, the cards I’m offered always suck ass, and the cards my opponents seem to be getting are super powerful.
So I guess my point is, I wish the game would scale to my level of ability, at least on the solo stuff. I love the game, its fun, its polished and it keeps me coming back.. unfortunately, it also has me throwing my iPad across the room in anger because its so hard on older, more casual gamers like me.
I know the arguments (L2Pnub, QQmoar), so here is mine.. If Blizz wants my money, then blizz needs to realize that losing all the time is not fun. Ill put the game down and walk away. That might be fine with the power-gamers, but Blizz is a company, not a charity. Adjusting their Boss Decks is a step in the right direction, and Ill jump back in and try it out. Of course, the 20th time I get destroyed by the 5th boss in the 6th round because its OP.. all I can do as a consumer, is walk away and keep my money in my wallet.