14-year-old golf MMO Shot Online is coming to Steam next week


Were you bummed out last year when Webzen’s gold MMO Winning Putt closed down? Don’t laugh – I was surprised at how much traction it got. Well, the good news is that Shot Online, Webzen’s other golf MMO (I’m serious), is coming to Steam next week on January 22nd. This game is not new at all; it’s been around for 14 years and even has a mobile spinoff, Shot Online Golf, floating around mucking up search algorithms.

“Shot Online is a MMO golf game that brings the world of competitive sports straight to the player with role-playing elements, making it more than just an online sports game. Not many online games are in the position to proclaim survivability and success for more than 10 years on the MMO market. However, 14 years of achievements and successes have led Shot Online to be very well-adapted to a player-friendly environment with abundant amounts of content and it is still on-going.”

Webzen says it’ll offer a clean server for Steam players and is “renewing the structure of cash shop and contents for user convenience” with “various packages that contains valuable items to encourage level up, game-play, and to give visual excitement.”

Source: Press release, Steam

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The pvp in this game is off the chain!

* mutters to self* Do the kids still say ‘off the chain’ anymore?


God now I feel old as hell. I beta tested Shot back in the day and alpha tested Winning Putt before it was officially named because it was a secret project at the time. Back in the days when a NDA actually meant something.

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Jack Pipsam

Not going to lie, I first read this headline as an article about a fourteen-year-old shooting/murdering someone XD

Hikari Kenzaki

Winning Putt was actually quite fun, but they never quite worked out the class balances to be fair.

Then they started adding things like golf courses in space and that was kinda the end for us… lol. Never played this one.

Gratuitous screenshot insert…


. . . As if I needed yet another reason to stay off Steam ;)!