NBA 2K21 dips its toes into MMO territory with its City gameplay mode

Alright, who here had "NBA 2K21 decides to go MMO" on their 2020 bingo cards? Anyone? Anyone? Yeah, me neither, but here we are...

Blaseball is a text-based ‘absurdist simulation of baseball’ where players bet on fake teams

Whether you're a fan of baseball or not, there appears to be a place for you in Blaseball, a text-based browser game that ultimately...

GDC Summer 2020: Accessibility shouldn’t be a dirty word in online gaming

I don't know about you readers, but one of the first things I always do when starting a game with voice acting (or movie)...

Perfect Ten: Sports-themed MMOs

Here's something we don't talk about much here on Massively OP: sports games. When we think of "MMOs," we tend to run right toward...

MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Freestyle 2, World of Kings, Dragon Raja 2, Ragnarok Masters

Welcome back to another quick roundup of MMOs and MMO-adjacent titles you've probably never heard of (or at least have entirely forgotten about!). First up:...

14-year-old golf MMO Shot Online is coming to Steam next week

Were you bummed out last year when Webzen's gold MMO Winning Putt closed down? Don't laugh - I was surprised at how much traction...

Golf MMO Winning Putt is closing down for good in December

Another bummer announcement for MMO players, or at least for MMO players who also like golf: Winning Putt is sunsetting on December 14th. Webzen and...
Someone must have had fun with this at some point, right?

Nike partners with a professional League of Legends esports player

If you've ever watched someone playing a really good match in League of Legends and muttered "it's gotta be the shoes," you are possibly...
Sports is the same.

Overwatch League signs on six more teams for its 2019 season

If Blizzard were to stop adding new things to Overwatch, it would die, like some sort of new content shark. That's already a known...

CCP’s VR sports game Sparc has arrived on PSVR today

Remember CCP's multiplayer VR sports sim Sparc? We first heard about it back in February, and now as planned, the Icelandic studio known best for...
Oh, I see it.

League of Legends skin based on soccer player Edgar Davids is going to cost Riot money

See the charming dark-skinned gent in the header image? That's the Striker Lucian skin in League of Legends. It also strongly resembles the kit,...

CCP’s VR sports game Sparc launches August 29

First announced back in February, CCP's multiplayer VR sports sim Sparc was all set for a summer launch as of E3, and now the date...
No, be a dude.

The Daily Grind: Are e-sports worth the effort for MMO developers?

I spend a lot of time thinking about e-sports. This is, of course, through the eyes of someone who doesn't much like e-sports as...

The 2022 Asian Games will include e-sports events

Go ahead and keep mocking e-sports, but they are only getting bigger and more respectable as they keep creating tremendous piles of money. In...

EVE Fanfest 2017: Hands-on with competitive VR sports game Sparc

At the end of February, CCP Games announced a new game that has nothing to do with EVE Online or even the EVE IP. Named Sparc,...

The Daily Grind: Where are all the sports-themed MMORPGs?

On those rare occasions when we mention EA's FIFA series, usually relating to court cases over online gambling, I'm always struck again by how...

Riding Club Championships brings you into the world of online horse competitions

Let's face it: Horses are downright expensive in real life to acquire, maintain, and train for professional championships. There is no doubt that you...

CCP grants EVE Online players skins, skill injectors for Iceland’s Euro 2016 soccer victories

Iceland-based MMORPG studio CCP Games is getting in on the football/soccer hype this week with an in-game EVE Online promo tailored around the success...

Golf MMO Winning Putt increases its level handicap to 35

Despite how you may feel about golf or even virtual golf, hopefully the world can come together to agree that the upcoming golf MMO Winning...
What the what.

E3 2016: Warframe’s Lunaro is a high-tech quidditch bloodbath

A new mode is coming to Warframe this week, offering players the chance to unwind with a friendly game of Lunaro. Considering that Lunaro...