MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Freestyle 2, World of Kings, Dragon Raja 2, Ragnarok Masters

Plus David Brevik's next big thing


Welcome back to another quick roundup of MMOs and MMO-adjacent titles you’ve probably never heard of (or at least have entirely forgotten about!).

First up: Sportsball! We seldom get to cover sports MMOs, given how few of them there are, and I fully admit I’d forgotten all about Freestyle 2, which developer Joycity calls a “free-to-play fast-paced PC sports MMO game.” According to the game’s recent press release, the basketball MMO has now been running under Joycity’s banner for five years and has racked up “over 11 million players worldwide.” To celebrate its anniversary, the game’s added a dual-style switching toon, Alice/Olivia, along with raffles and events.

As promised, Loong Entertainment has launched mobile MMO World of Kings into open beta on iOS and Android this week. I know you’re thinking ug, another mobile MMO, but this one actually looks rather pretty. Apparently as part of its promotion, the company brought on World of Warcraft guild Limit to livestream a takedown of “the strongest boss from the most difficult dungeon without any chances of resurrection,” basically sight-reading the game.

MMO Culture recently posted about two sequels worth noting here. The first is Dragon Raja 2, a Skymoons Technology mobile MMO that’s just launched in South Korea. It’s apparently based on a PC title dubbed Dragon Raja and based on a series of novels.

The second game is Ragnarok Masters, a mobile MMO from GungHo launching for the Japanese market. According to Cinderboy at MMO Culture, the game is a retooling of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. Confused yet?

Finally, remember when former Diablo and Marvel Heroes boss David Brevik struck out on his own with a studio called Graybeard Games? That indie studio’s first game, It Lurks Below, formally launched on Steam this week. It’s not an MMO – it’s not even multiplayer – but we figured our readers in particular would be curious to see how he’s landed!

Have an idea for an obscure MMO we should cover? Drop us a note!


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Robert Mann

Sports… okay. Oh, basketball. Meh. Streetball? Ew.

Mobile. Mobile. Mobile.

Skip. Skip. Skip. Skip.

There be reason why none of these have been in my sights, yes indeed.


Sadly MOP readers will have to add “Steambirds Alliance” to that list of games they’ve never heard of, because you guys here don’t seem to want to cover it for some reason :P

The second Open Beta weekend just finished. It’s really fun, but you have to like Realm of the Mad God type games.

Hydlide S

World of Kings isn’t bad. I was surprised. It’s like 95% auto but it’s fun to auto while I’m waiting for servers to update at work. No gender or race locks, mini-game quests instead of just “kill 20 enemies” and the art design is actually pretty good, even if it is very similar to WoW. If it’s anything like other mobile MMOs they’ll support it for like 6 months and then ignore it once their next one comes out.


I’m enjoying it a lot too. I also found you can actually turn the auto off in the settings, and unlike a lot of other games who still essentially force you to use it by not giving you a proper map or another way to figure out where to go while not on auto, this game actually has a proper map with quest markers so auto isn’t even necessary.

Add to that classes that (THANK THE GODS!) aren’t either race- or gender-locked, and you can color me pretty impressed for a mobile MMO. Plus I’m actually still playing it for a second day in a row, so that says something!

Bruno Brito

The WoK game seems pretty yeah. It also seems like a carbon copy of WoW. The first raid boss looks like Vashj.


Can we get the mobile MMOs put in a separate column? It seems like this column has been taken over to always be at least 50% mobile MMOs. There’s a good reason people haven’t heard of them, they’re a dime a dozen, have predatory monetization, and often play themselves.


I played a bit the first Dragon Raja and it still exists:

Its a decent game for those who like old school games