Overwatch League signs on six more teams for its 2019 season

Sports is the same.

If Blizzard were to stop adding new things to Overwatch, it would die, like some sort of new content shark. That’s already a known truism when it comes to characters and maps, but it’s also true when it comes to sports. Yes, the Overwatch League is adding new stuff to its roster for the next season, specifically by adding six new teams to its roster for next year’s competition.

The new teams will be based out of Toronto and Vancouver in Canada, Washington D.C. in the USA, Hangzhou and Chengdu in China, and Paris in France. (Not Paris, Texas. Sorry, Texans.) There are no team styles or names to announce yet, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for them as the next few months go by to keep up on all of your e-sports fandom. Perhaps that’s being saved for rollout at this year’s BlizzCon; it would make sense.


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Wooo Toronto!