Final Fantasy XIV’s Korean community welcomes the Grandpa of Light

We have your son in custody. We also have your older, fatter, balder son.

Longtime players of Final Fantasy XIV may well remember Isildaure, the elderly Elezen whose granddaughter Alianne accompanies him into joining the Scions and then remains following Isildaure’s retirement. Why bring that up? Well, it turns out that something similar actually happened over on the game’s Korean servers, where a player getting kicked from a group as a suspected bot was revealed to be an older gentleman playing the game with the help of his grandson and his grandson’s friends.

The good news is that the community rallied immediately around the player in question, nicknaming him “Grandpa of Light” (a play on both the in-game designation “Warrior of Light” and the Japanese television series “Daddy of Light”) and offering as much help as they were able to give. So while the odds are that the player in your group who seems to miss mechanics a lot is not a 66-year-old retiree who’s still learning how to play in his first MMO… well, you can’t discount the possibility.

Source: Reddit; thanks to Random MMO Fan for the tip!
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Nate Woodard

More of this Elliot, Bree and Co. We definitely need more of this. Look at some of the articles lately!! [inhales and exhales repeatedly fast]

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Sometimes we need to chill and not go into all zerg mode in games and be a little more patient, new players , older players or even players that seem to have more difficulty everthing feel like one big race .

Jeremy Barnes

It drove me away shortly after Stormblood’s launch. The number of people who just lose their shit when somebody fucks up. It’s new content, it’s been out for like a day and they’re flipping their crap that a bunch of people don’t know the fight or screw up. I got tired of seeing in the duty/party finder and sitting there knowing the group was going to instigate because idiot can’t take a deep breath.

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Loyal Patron

It’s a nice, wholesome story. I like hearing about stuff like this, it’s a break from the horrible crushing reality of the garbage fire of daily life.

Things’ll be okay, though. The Grandpa of Light is here to protect us.

Matt Redding

Well if I had to pick 2 abilities for a tank to use Shield Lob and Flash would be them so good job dude! I mean seriously I’ve run with so many low level GLDs who can’t be assed to taunt AT ALL at least he got Job One done.