Shot Online Golf’s closed beta test has begun

BREE: I can’t believe neither of you pranksters has taken the golf thing to make fun of yet.

JUSTIN: Just par for the course for us, Bree.

ELIOT: That’s a hole lot of assumptions. It’s not like we’re in a club, here.

JUSTIN: Little birdie told me it wasn’t a good story anyway.

ELIOT: With your eagle eyes, you can spot those. You’re good at driving to the point.

BREE: I’m just gonna screenshot this whole thing and run it as the post.

JUSTIN: Yeah it’s getting pretty rough. Putter there, Eliot, you’re a good punster.

ELIOT: Thanks, Justin; that really feels like a hole in one, coming from you.

JUSTIN: A slice of fresh conversation, this is.

ELIOT: Ironing out differences.

JUSTIN: Bree’s like, “Wood they stop already?” She’s green with envy!

BREE: You’re just adding to my word count on the post!

ELIOT: Ballin’.

Yes, closed beta for Shot Online Golf, the mobile spin-off of Webzen’s sports MMO, has begun and is expected to run until June 28th on Android and iOS.

Shot Online Golf is a real-time, multiplayer golf game that brings an unrivalled golf experience straight to players through their mobile devices. Shot Online Golf is the mobile adaptation of the PC MMO golf game Shot Online. The game features superb graphics, realistic gameplay, 1v1 real-time challenges along with many skills and items.”

You can still apply for the CBT on the official site. Please /golfclap.

Source: Press release, Slack shenanigans
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Are there alligators in the game?
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Rees Racer

Right…so without the glorious word-play:
Winning Putt is the best PC online game.
Golf Star is the best of the online Android golf games.

I’m just puttin’ that out there.

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I call this round a draw.

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Little Bugbear

lol I appreciated this post.

Maggie May

Well that landed in the fescue !!!!