Heroes of the Storm professionals file lawsuit against former team owner over withheld payments

Looking forward to adding homegirl.

Five members of the now-defunct professional Heroes of the Storm team Naventic have filed a lawsuit against the team’s former owner, James Ross Elliot II, alleging that he failed to pay wages and prize money payments to the team in addition to misappropriating funds and failing to pay the team’s taxes. According to the five players, who were all members of Naventic between February 2016 and August 2017, Elliot frequently paid the team late — or not at all — and was often “difficult or entirely impossible to contact” before he “vanished from the team in April of 2017.” Naventic was sold to a new owner in August 2017, and shortly thereafter, “the team was disbanded entirely.”

The players initially filed their complaint against Elliot in August of last year, but they were “unable to serve court documents to him for some time due to trouble tracking him down.” However, it would appear that Elliot was finally served the court documents earlier this month “after 14 failed attempts to do so.” In addition to alleging that Elliot withheld payment from the players, the lawsuit also claims that he “used the Naventic bank account for personal expenses” and that he “failed to pay taxes in the State of Arkansas, where Naventic was listed as an LLC.” The players are now seeking “$55,125 in unpaid wages, plus unpaid prize money from tournaments, and interest on both.” A court date has not yet been set.

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