Black Desert explains Cron Stone prices and ups some horse prices

A letter from Pearl Abyss Executive Producer Jae-hee Kim gives Black Desert players the scoop on what the heck is going on with Cron Stones and the ripple effect changing them has had on the game. A few weeks back, the studios halved the number of Cron Stones needed for enhancement… except for the Dream Horse awakening, which stayed the same, and therefore doubled in price with the patch. Why? Money. Specifically, y’all are earning and hoarding way too much silver.

“While the amount of wealth being accumulated by players continued to increase through various methods such as events, better drops in Monster Zones, and introduction of new drop items (like accessories), the value of Cron Stones have relatively decreased due to their fixed price,” Kim says. “Therefore, we decided to adjust the Cron Stone price.”

Of course, Pearl Abyss notes that not all players are rolling in dough, so it added Cron Stones to Patrigio’s Secret Shop. However, the studio is also boosting the price of the mounts too.

“Due to the recent increase in wealth, the value of Coursers and Dream Horses have dropped compared to earlier times. Therefore, the prices of Coursers, which used to be around 300,000,000 at the Horse Market, and the prices of Dream Horses, which used to be around 4,000,000,000 at the Horse Market, have been increased to 1,000,000,000 for Coursers and 12,000,000,000 for Dream Horses to adjust their values. These price adjustments are just a part of a bigger update we have planned for the Horse Training content. We are currently planning to provide further updates such as reducing the Horse Market fees, bringing improvements to Mount Training, and improving the overall convenience of the Horse Market. We will keep you updated through our future patch notes. In regard to the reduction in Horse Market fees, we are planning on reducing the fees depending on Horse Training Life Skill levels. We should be implementing this very soon. Dream Horses are rare, expensive, and may require numerous attempts. Therefore, we want to make sure we set a standard that is suitable to their value. I would like to truly thank everyone who enjoy this content, especially, the horse breeding community.”

Source: Official site. Thanks, Panagiotis!

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Not really surprised they’re doing this stuff at this point. The price for entry is stupidly low, and they’ve got their whales established. This is pretty much what every F2P game does over time, steadily growing greedier and bolder with their cash shop practices.


The meta is your credit card

Seth Arnold

It’s funny how slow they are realizing things about their own game. People had been hoarding way too much silver when i quit the game during the sea monster hunting exploit. I’m glad I sold my accounts.

Matt Comstock

The cron stone change is just weird. The rationale discussed above, that some players have too much accumulated wealth is a horse**** excuse. The effect of this change impacts more than just the wealthiest players… The cost increase applies to everyone, even new players (who will obviously not have billions of silver upon logging in). Essentially, it creates a larger hurdle for new folks during gear enhancement/progression. Seems more like an arbitrary change (incompetence), or perhaps a more sinister push towards the cash shop (tinfoil theory)??


The update the game really needs is to remove the need to stay logged in for workers and horse training, I’d be even ok if they exclude fishing and crafting but these 2 things are an annoyance because it means I have to keep my PC active for hours at a time with all the background stress of keeping BDO running.


Horse Training: One of the least profitable, biggest waste of your time in game.

Pearl Abyss: Lets double the price of making T9 horse attempts knowing full well that it will push people into melting costumes for cron stones.

I’m about done with this one. Last 6 months Pearl Abyss has pretty much been brazen about it’s cash shop and it’s cash shop policies. There’s no moderation or shame or any pretense about sensitivity towards the Western audience feelings towards cash shop policies like previously. Just full on see how much money they can get mode.


Makes me fear what can happen to EVE once the “honeymoon” time is over since basically they own CCP


I’ll have to check out the changes a bit more closely, but things like this in other games tended to hurt new players more than they helped the economy. It seems BDO is aware of this, though, so hopefully the other adjustments account for that.

Toy Clown

I was just thinking something along those lines. It’s an MMO I play casually and I was wondering how this would affect those few times I return to play.

Space Captain

I stopped playing completely when I got far enough to realise just what an insane RNG grind it would be to get my gear to a point where I could go to the places I wanted to.


It’s definitely a high inflation game. Since items are tradeable, I’d recommend parking silver in resalable things. Memory fragments or even horses might be a good way. You’ll lose some on trading commissions, so kind of depends how long you expect to be gone