LOTRO hints at Minas Morgul with new skirmish event


One of the big content drops reportedly coming to Lord of the Rings Online this year is the opening of Minas Morgul — Mordor’s city of the dead. In what appears to be a prelude to this patch, Standing Stone Games is rolling out a brand-new event this week that utilizes the much-neglected skirmish system.

The Ill Omens event, which kicks off on February 7th and continues through March 11th, will be adding special Minas Morgul mobs to themed skirmishes. Defeat these on a daily basis and you can earn new gear and cosmetics as well as a high-level stat item.

Today’s patch also opens up the third tier of difficulty for the recent Anvil of Winterstith raid, gives Beornings permission to use crossbows, bumps up Burglar damage, and makes a lot of normalization changes to Minstrel skills.

Source: Patch notes
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