Apex Legends passed 600,000 concurrent players in 24 hours

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Amidst the bad news for Electronic Arts yesterday, there was a note of positivity when it comes to Apex Legends. You may remember the battle royale game from launching in full out of absolutely nowhere without any promotion, and that out-of-nowhere surprise managed to pick up 2.5 million overall players within 24 hours of launch. It hit peak concurrency with 600,000 players, which is pretty darn great for a game which started its marketing blitz by launching without ceremony.

Fans are promised that the game will operate as a live title with new Legends, new gameplay modes, and a potential mobile version in the future. There are also talks about esports in the game’s future, because it’s a battle royale title so of course that would happen. So that’s good news for those who have tried and enjoy the game; it appears that the two biggest battle royale titles may not have this genre sewn up tight just yet after all.

Source: VG24/7
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