Daybreak delayed EverQuest II’s new free-for-all PvP server, Nagafen [Update: It’s up now!]


Daybreak surprised the EverQuest II community last week by announcing it was resurrecting the sunsetted Nagafen server as a free-for-all PvP seasonal server that builds on ideas used on the Deathtoll server, with scoreboards, free trade, one character per account, and rebalanced stats.

But it was meant to go live for subbers yesterday. Daybreak had to postpone the launch

“The Nagafen PvP Beta server launch will be delayed until tomorrow due to an issue that is preventing players from properly patching the game. The team is hard at work getting things resolved, and aims to have things up and running as soon as possible! We apologize for the delay.”

It seems the playerbase anxious for this server is a bit, uh, unruly; MOP commenter Denise tipped us off to a string of bannings in the EverQuest II official Discord, at least in the Nagafen channel. As I was scrolling back to verify that, I noticed the denizens arranging emoji to craft a homophobic slur for a Daybreak moderator, so yeah, have fun on the PvP server later today.

Awesome, just a day late! As Wilhelm pointed out to us, Daybreak has pushed Nagafen life as of this afternoon. Have fun!
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