Star Trek Online players say they aren’t going for Cryptic’s lackluster $120 ship bundle


Star Trek Online may be set in some sort of idealistic utopia, but the game practices have left its fanbase feeling as though it was living in anything but paradise. For starters, the four-ship $120 Discovery Operations pack has many players feeling as though they were getting less for more.

“I think Perfect World has dropped the ball here,” one Redditor wrote after comparing this pack to previous ones. “I’m not spending $120 to get 60% fewer ships.”

The pack doesn’t include anything Romulan, by the way, and that faction is about fed up with being ignored by Cryptic in favor of Federation (the Klingon faction says “Welcome to our club,” by the way). “I’m tired of being ignored because I choose Romulan,” said a player. “There have been no new warbirds, and the new costume is Fed only. You’ve made a grand total of no Romulan content since Victory is Life and severely limit the content you have made so Romulans can’t use it.”

And then the game has suffered some login issues as of late, prompting Cryptic to extend the anniversary event:

Source: Reddit, Twitter. Thanks Darren and Panagiotis!
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