Star Wars Galaxies Legends emulator celebrates third birthday with a quest for cake


Look, folks, some MMOs have been sunsetted for so long, their emulators are celebrating big birthdays. Such is the case for Star Wars Galaxies Legends, one of the largest of the dozens currently in operation for the original game. SWGL just turned three years old and is in the middle of a celebratory event that’s bigger than what a lot of live games see.

The player devs say that there are 89,000 characters on the server, and if every account had five characters, that’d come out to nearly 18,000 unique accounts – not too shabby at all for three years, especially for an NGE server!

The festivities include a galaxy-spanning quest to murder bosses for cake, plus fireworks, multiple new collections, new paintings and gifts, and a double experience event running through Monday.

Source: SWGL forums. Cheers, Jim!
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