Wurm Online addresses server lag and announces plans to move to Amazon Cloud Services

Calm. Cool. Relaxed.

If you’ve been playing Wurm Online recently, you know that Independence (the server) has been lagging. It was lagging before February 7th, but that was a flashpoint when it became clear that there was an actual hardware issue causing the problem. A new development dispatch explains the exact process that led to replacing part of the RAID array that held up the server and changing in new hardware, which has led to the server lag being… still entirely present, actually.

The good news is that this does have something of a happy ending, or at least the promise of one, as this is the impetus needed for the game migrating to Amazon Cloud Services in the near future. The issues with servers and hosting have been consistent, and Code Club is working on a plan right now to switch service providers in the near future. Check out the full rundown for a clear picture of the issues and how the plan for a move is coming together; this will mean an extended downtime in the future, but it’ll hopefully mitigate future issues.


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Got a lot of respect for that game. It is one of the most detailed crafting/building sandbox mmos out there