Bless Online previews the changes and additions of its upcoming balance update


It’s been about five months since the release of Bless Online, and aside from some fairly minor adjustments here and there, class balance hasn’t really been touched since. That changes this month, however, as the devs at Neowiz have announced that on March 27th the game will be receiving a major balance update featuring “numerous changes requested by the community such as PvE/PvP balance changes, providing each class with a new 5th set of skills, as well as [improving] many basic features of Bless Online.”

The highlight there, of course, is the addition of a 5th Tactic for each class, which should provide a greater degree of build and playstyle variety. In addition, all classes are receiving a few all-around tweaks and adjustments that aim to provide a more balanced experience in both PvE and PvP.

That’s not all, though; the update will also make some key changes to the game’s combat system. All classes’ “normal dodge-type skills” are being improved so that “they have priority and can be used even when a character is in the midst of using another skill.” In addition, skill chains will no longer be dropped if a skill in the chain misses, which should hopefully make some skills — especially those that are only available as chain-finishers — a bit more viable. The devs also say that they are going to be “making modifications to skill progression and growth to make skill growth more rewarding,” though they haven’t provided any specifics regarding what exactly those modifications will entail.

For the full details on the new class Tactics and the various balance tweaks that are planned for the update, you can check out the update preview over on the game’s Steam site.

Source: Steam
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