Legends of Aria launches its experimental server with a new death system


One of my favorite mental images when I see the word “experiment” is some mad goblinoid scientist poking at things they have no right poking. I’m pretty sure this won’t apply to Legends of Aria’s new experimental server, but it’s still a fun picture, isn’t it? Unless, of course, the devs let us play goblins in-game.

Anyway, early access sandbox MMO Legends of Aria has officially launched an experimental server as of this past weekend; it lets players try out features and… well… experiment with them. Access to this server is as simple as firing up the game’s launcher and selecting the server, which will be online 24/7.

The first experiments on the server involve tweaks to the way mounting and dismounting works, some changes to mission givers that offer tasks outside of a player’s skill level, and several adjustments to skills and some monsters. The server also introduces some significant changes to the death system; on death, players won’t instantly release to a ghost but will instead be moved to the nearest Resurrection Shrine, where you can choose to resurrect yourself and do the ol’ corpse loot dance, or return to your corpse and resurrect with all of your belongings returned and minimal resource pools.

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