These are some of the shinies waiting in Neverwinter’s Undermountain


When you delve in to a dungeon with the scale of Undermountain, you’d expect more than a few new rewards waiting for you. Neverwinter understands. It cares. It has many new shinies for you to get.

Since the level cap is being raised with Undermountain, players can naturally expect 10 levels’ worth of treasure to help them survive the extra levels. Players may notice that much of this kit carries some new stat changes, with armor focused on roles rather than classes. There’s even an Apprentice armor set to find that must be restored before it can be worn, which also happens to be some of the best gear one can get before entering the Lair of the Mad Mage. Then, of course, there’s armor for those who survive the lair in question — the best equipment in the expansion.

It’s not just armor in Undermountain, though: The expansion will also introduce some new tiered artifact sets for players to get. There’s also rare drops to shoot for which, naturally, are hiding inside the guts of some of the tougher, summoned rare monsters. Undermountain will also bring a rank cap for Enchantments, a new Legendary refinement rank for Insignias, new pets, and two new seals to find. All in all, there seems to be lots to loot.

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