Trove lights the fuse on Bomber Royale season two


Grab a partner, Trove players, because season two of Bomber Royale has just begin, and it brings double the explosive trouble with a new duo queue, plus two brand-new maps. Now, you and a buddy can jump into a nine-team rumble full of bomb-tossing mayhem. As always, there’s only one goal: Don’t get blown up.

Be the only person not to go kablooey, and your team will win some shiny new season two coins that can be spent at the Bomber Royale merchant, whose inventory has been freshly stocked with all-new rewards including a new Golden Dragon Egg, the Warpainted Javelina mount, new auras, and a new Legendary Tome. The Golden Dragon Egg should be of particular interest for any would-be Khaleesis out there, as hatching it will unlock a new Ancestral Dragon, Kyrothon.

If you missed out on some of the season-one rewards, don’t worry; all the previous rewards are still available, and you can still get season-one coins for the cost of two season-two coins each. In addition, players can now pick up some new Bomber Royale styles, which allow them to alter the appearance of their bombs, as well as Bomber Royale Coin Boosts from the in-game shop. And that’s not all — there are also six new dungeons, plus a slew of other small additions, tweaks, and fixes, the full details of which you can find in the patch notes over on the game’s official site.

Source: Patch Notes

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Bomber Royale mode was quite fun, especially early on where it’s very chaotic and explosions are going off everywhere. Guess I lost interest in it though before I was able to get the dragon off of that game mode. But it was definitely a fun little PvP mode with a decent, but not impossible to reach, skill ceiling.