The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite version of your MMO’s theme music?


Recently I’ve been cruising back through Aion’s soundtrack and made a discovery that, in hindsight, seems obvious: There are several different main theme songs for the different eras of the game’s live development. Some of those themes were definitely better than others, and it got me thinking about holding to a particular main theme that seems both more personal and better made than the rest.

For example, Lord of the Rings Online has had three main themes: the original, the Riders of RohanLOTRO Legacy” theme, and now the newer Mordor “Coronation of Aragorn” theme. Each has merits, although there’s something to the original that jabs me right in my nostalgia bone when I hear it.

Looking back at and listening through the different main themes from some of your mainstay MMOs, which did you like the best and why? Feel free to share links to them in the comments!

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