1998’s Lineage finally adopts free-to-play in Korea


It’s one of the oldest continually running graphical MMORPGs — and also one of the last free-to-play holdouts in the industry. That last part will change on May 2nd when Lineage will drop mandatory subscriptions in Korea.

According to MMO Culture, just a half-year ago NCsoft maintained that the continually popular Lineage would never go free-to-play. What a difference six months makes, however! The studio is looking to capitalize on the recent Remastered update that brought out increased resolutions and better graphics in an effort to modernize the title.

Lineage ended its run in North America in 2011 after a decade of service. Lineage II remains operational in this hemisphere, and fans are looking forward to the third main entry in this series, Lineage Eternal (also called Project TL).

Source: MMO Culture
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