Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts thinks that Anthem is worth saving

We never claimed to be saints.

Not content to merely oversee the construction of the greatest space sim of all time, Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts has ideas how to right the listing ship that is BioWare’s Anthem… if only someone would listen.

Speaking to Newsweek, Roberts said that he’s played BioWare’s game and notes that it has “plenty of nice stuff” that makes it worth saving. According to him, Anthem isn’t broken, just lacking in realized potential and suffering from “friction between the needs of a public company and development.”

“I wish there was a bit more and it was a bit deeper, and I wish maybe some of the lore and story stuff was a bit more dynamic,” he said. “I felt like when it was originally pitched to me it was supposed to be more dynamic, and it felt static when I played it.”

Source: Newsweek
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