Star Citizens, check your hangars – the recent $0 CCU purge wiped out some valuable chassis


Heads-up if you’re a Star Citizen backer: Last week’s update to the Cross Chassis Upgrade system has apparently gone awry. That’s the system that allows players to trade in the ships they’ve pledged for and pick up higher-tiered ships in their place.

According to a big thread on Reddit, CIG began a broad deletion of valueless Cross Chassis Upgrades – more commonly known as CCUs – on Friday. The mass-deletion was supposed to target CCUs that were worth $0, but eagle-eyed players realized that CIG used the ships’ current upgrade value, not their original purchase price or melt value, meaning that some folks lost CCUs they had paid for and weren’t properly reimbursed automagically.

CIG is apparently aware of the situation; last night, the studio posted, “We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. The team is investigating and we’ll provide you with an update as soon we have more information.” But you should probably keep an eye on your hangar and your ships in the meantime to make sure it’s fixed properly.

Source: Official site, Reddit. Cheers, Cotic!
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