The Elder Scrolls: Blades focuses on player feedback and its place at E3 this year


Apparently, Bethesda wants to talk to players about its mobile game The Elder Scrolls: Blades that was launched to early access last month. The developers call this newsletter the Town Hall, probably playing off the game’s primary city-building feature. This month’s order of business mentions changes directly related to player feedback, treasure chest unlock timers, and combat balancing.

Of course, players like to know that their input into a game is being received and acted on, and Blades devs want everyone to know that they are listening very closely. Specifically, they have heard your outcry about the silver chests taking far to long to open. All Blades players gave a unified sigh of relief because it now only takes an hour to unlock a silver chest. Although it doesn’t negate the temptation to pay real-life money to open it faster, an hour is much more manageable. Additionally, the devs have rebalanced direct purchase offers, increased gems for daily and weekly jobs, and added more support devices. According to the Town Hall post, we will also see repair costs reduced soon thanks to player feedback.

Look for combat rebalance changes in the future, as well. Right now, the difficulty indicator (the skulls in the corner of each quest) do not necessarily reflect the difficulty accurately. If you’ve played more than a few quests, you’ll know that this is true. Bethesda is looking at ways to adjust that. It is also looking into adjusting the Abyss at higher levels looking for “a way more fun (and fair) experience,” according to the post. In fact, enemy difficulty overall is being adjusted so that enemies aren’t able to perform attacks too quickly.

Lastly, the Town Hall is an announcement of an announcement. Blades will be featured at the Bethesda showcase at E3 this year on June 9th. Look for more fan-requested changes and new Blades story content to be announced there.


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Hopefully they announce at E3 that they’re implementing some of the multiplayer components that have been datamined. The game is alright for a phone game, but would be a lot more enjoyable with some co-op experiences!