The Repopulation updates players on LODs and inventory following water damage

Details, details.

Unfortunately enough for the developers currently in charge of The Repopulation, the universe was not happy with keeping the game’s player-facing updates humming along at a decent clip and sent them a torrent of water thanks to a burst water main. Thus, the update has been somewhat delayed, but players can now find out everything they’ve ever wanted to know about subjects like inventory storage! Yes, inventory has been a mess in the game, so the overall development focus now is about offering much more inventory space in various locales to ensure that no one feels obligated to pay money just to, like… store vital stuff.

The developers have also been doing work on LODs, lower-detail models for rendering at a distance to help with performance. It might not wholly mollify players who were expecting the update to be perfectly on time and are irked by the delay, but when your office turns into a water park there’s not much else you can do. (Aside from possibly seeing that as a sign you should work on water physics.)

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