Albion Online checks in with an update from the DDOS defensive front


As we reported earlier, poor Albion Online is suffering from some protracted DDOS attacks because… well, who really knows. Director Robin Henkys has checked in with an update on how things are going, and it’s not all great news.

First off: Yes, the attacks are still ongoing and have not been mitigated despite the team’s continued efforts. Henkys assured players that they are working with their current partners to find a solution, but also mentions that they’ll be looking to changing their hosting company:

“The difficulty we’re facing here is that many hosting companies are not too concerned with short term disruptions (as they typically deal with websites that can easily function with temporary connection issues), and fail to understand how crucial a continuous network connection is for a game service as ours.”

With all of that said, don’t expect this infrastructure change in the immediate future, as it was explained that moving things over is a “mid-term solution” and isn’t exactly simple besides. There’s also no word on due compensation for players affected by these attacks, but mostly because the team wants to offer restitution after the attacks have been mitigated to ensure whatever freebies are handed out are appropriate for the length of time players are suffering through these issues.

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Jeremy Barnes

You think that would have come up in conversation with their hosting company before now..


I play this game and its actually pretty brutal right now. Luckily im able to get on and do a few things but I feel sorry for the people in full PVP loot zones got to be tough.

Adam Russell

Guaranteed X% uptime costs more money.

Kickstarter Donor

At least their hosting company hasn’t booted them for causing a DOS attack.