Survival deceive-em-up Project Winter brings new items and features in the 1.0 update


Surviving the desolation of a snowy mountain is hard enough, but add two players whose entire job is to screw the rest of the team over and things get significantly harder. That’s the basic premise of the multiplayer survival-cum-hide-and-seek title Project Winter, and the most recent 1.0 update to the title has made the deceptive players’ tasks just a bit simpler with some new items.

The items in question are a couple of dastardly ranged weapons in the form of the crossbow and the tranquilizer gun. Both are extremely silent weapons according to the update notes, with one being decidedly more lethal than the other (naturally), though the tranquilizer gun also has the benefit of slowing the player hit with it and also stopping their ability to use text chat, radio chat, or proximity chat, so you can set up your best villainous monologue about why you’re doing what you’re doing before laying the killing blow.

Update 1.0 has also added three new maps, new places to sabotage, an Armoury that only appears one time in any map but also has a high chance of spawning ranged weapons inside, and a laundry list of bug fixes. This update also signals the end of early access and a shift in update cadence for Project Winter, which will slow to monthly updates in the interest of giving the team more time to polish releases.

source: Steam
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