The Repopulation previews upcoming crafting-system overhaul in latest dev blo


Although a burst water main wreaked saturating terror on the offices of The Repopulation dev Idea Fabrik last month, that hasn’t stopped the team from continuing to work on the game’s upcoming crafting update, which is discussed in depth in the latest dev update. “Our goal with the revamp of systems including crafting is to build a community,” the devs say, and to that end, the crafting system updates will focus on giving players “a multitude of options when planning gameplay” by providing crafters with “the ability to be flexible and gain the knowledge and skills that best support their goals.”

The updates will be extensive and far-reaching, IF says, affecting everything from harvesting raw materials to manufacturing finished products. For starters, crafting recipes will be reorganized into three categories: blueprints, which are “hard science creatable items” such as firearms and armor; schematics, which comprise “high-end technology” like electronics and robotics; and recipes, which create “soft science, consumable” products such as plants and food. The update will also introduce multiple different types of crafting machines, which will replace the current all-purpose machine.

Perhaps the most expansive part of the update will be the addition of “shells,” which effectively seem to be base crafting recipes that can produce unique items based on the crafter’s use of different materials, fittings, lacquers, stains, paints, and so forth. And of course, with the near-complete overhaul of such a central system, the devs will be making various adjustments to other abilities and systems, which the devs discuss — along with all the other aspects of the crafting revamp — in detail in the full dev blog over on the game’s official site.

Source: Official Site. Thanks, Panagiotis!

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Limited storage has awalys been the one thing about games I can’t stand. So I want to keep this item but I can’t so I have to ditch it. Or another example finish a mission go to collect your rewards …oops can’t inventory is full, what can I throw away on the spot so I can claim my reward. Very frustrating for sure.


The problem I had with this crafting system was it has a thousands of components but like less then a hundred bank slots. Very frustrating. Defenders always said it was to promote interaction between players but limiting storage seems like a crappy way to promote player interaction.


Yes low storage is a turn off to me as well


That’s the problem with being a rabid fan boy of any game. You become enraged by any and all criticism about it.

For instance, all of the colossal effort that goes into making gear due to the harvesting and building ten trillion subcomponents is utterly insane, especially like when you said it’s coupled with super limited bank space. Yes I know, we can’t have unlimited storage because disk space is limited. But hey, why don’t we just make a crafting system that’s not so obtuse instead?

A novel idea I’m sure.