Twitch is suing unnamed parties over the flood of offensive content in the Artifact space


Congratulations, Artifact, you made a big impact on video games! Not because of actual players, no, but because your more or less wholly abandoned Twitch presence prompted a whole lot of truly wonderful people to fill up the category with things like hardcore pornography and footage of shootings. Yes, that was an actual thing that happened back in May, and now Twitch is suing the people responsible for flooding the service with offensive content.

Of course, Twitch doesn’t actually know who all of the responsible parties are, which means that the suit is addressing a number of unknown people currently listed as John or Jane Doe, which adds an air of almost comical nature to the whole ridiculous procedure. In other words, Valve’s absolute tire fire of a digital card game led to Twitch suing unknown persons over flooding the channel with pornography. The internet is a very strange place sometimes, but at least it means somebody out there will remember Artifact.

Source: PC Gamer via Gamasutra
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