Conan Exiles’ Warmaker’s Sanctuary dungeon patch has launched on PC


Conan Exiles’ next big thing is here in the form of a new patch launching on PC today (and consoles later). It features the new Warmaker’s Sanctuary dungeon, along with new craftables, updates to multiple locations and NPCs as part of the ongoing “population revamp,” tweaks to the sandbox’s temperature system, and adjustements to survival and agility attributes.

“Test your mettle against the Warmaker’s Champion in The Warmaker’s Sanctuary, a new dungeon for a seasoned party of level 60 adventurers. Check out the continuation of our population revamp on faction capitals and caves. Experience an overhaul of the temperature system and changes to your survival and agility attributes, as well as additional weapon balance to make combat more rewarding.”

“We’ve also added a ton of QoL improvements and bugfixes, including a solution for the God’s Protection problem (God Bubbles), building stacking and flying thralls,” Funcom says. Do note that illegal structures won’t be nuked this round, but that is eventually their fate. Stay tuned for later this week when our Survivalist column will have a few words to say about the state of dungeons in the game.

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So wait. Is Conan Exiles an MMO? A Multiplayer survival game? Like from what I have seen it screams survival game, but dungeon group content makes me think MMO. So confused


It’s a survival game with shallow MMO elements.

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It’s the test bed for Age of Conan 2.