Conqueror’s Blade’s first major update brings five new units, endgame progression, and balance tweaks


Every good knight needs a squire, so it’s convenient that free-to-play medieval-warfare MMO Conqueror’s Blade has just released its first major update, Knights & Squires, which adds new units, expands the endgame progression system, and improves the new-player experience. Would-be warlords can now recruit Desmesne Spearmen, Squires, Spear Sergeants, Men-at-Warms, and Monastic Knights into their armies to provide “reliable heavy support” with “considerable staying power.” For veteran players who have already reached the game’s level cap, the update also implements the new Military Ranks progression system, which will allow max-level players to show off their militaristic mastery with fancy class-icon frames that reflect their in-game achievements.

The new-player experience has also been expanded with the addition of new tutorial quests that will serve to introduce fledgling conquerors to various game concepts while rewarding them with “stellar rewards and equipment.” On top of the new tutorial quests, there are also new daily, weekly, and fief quests for players to complete to earn even more loot. And lastly, the update also brings with it a number of quality-of-life improvements and balance adjustments, the full details of which you can find in the patch notes over on the game’s Steam page.

Source: Press Release, Patch Notes

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Robert Mann

Most of it was good stuff, but if you aren’t a territory war person, or cannot play those hours they really screwed this up.

I have noted that the hours issue is a big problem multiple times to them now, and if it doesn’t get fixed I’ll probably drop the game. Simply put, it is no fun if you are put behind and cannot catch up due to a lack of abilities locked behind times you cannot play.

They fix it, and the instanced content is fun enough to keep playing at least a few times a week.