Conqueror’s Blade’s first major update brings five new units, endgame progression, and balance tweaks

Every good knight needs a squire, so it's convenient that free-to-play medieval-warfare MMO Conqueror's Blade has just released its first major update, Knights &...

First Life is Feudal content update unites the worlds, introduces PvP arenas, and adds clergy and slavery

Bitbox recently released the first major content update for its medieval sandbox survival game Life is Feudal, and it brings with it a slew...
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The Flower of Knighthood plucks a medieval hardcore MMO

When you hear the word "hardcore MMO," immediately your mind must go to floral arrangements, no? Well it will now, thanks to the debut...

Reign of Guilds moves toward alpha testing, talks about the game’s creation

With 15 developers now on staff and progression toward an alpha build, Reign of Guilds is slowly but surely taking shape as a hardcore...

Fight to the top in Reign of Guilds’ hardcore medieval world

Is there room enough in this industry for another self-proclaimed hardcore, old school MMORPG with all of the PvP fixins? Russian-based Atlant Games is...

Siege war game Conqueror’s Blade plans March European test

If leveling and organization get in the way of your true passion in online games -- massive PvP siege warfare -- then allow Conqueror's...

Massively OP’s MMO guide to the Steam Winter Sale

Do you have any money left after all of that holiday shopping, travel, and dining out? Steam would very much like to have what...

Massively OP’s guide to the best upcoming indie MMORPGs, part three

Over the last couple of weeks, we shared with you part one and part two of our guide to the best upcoming and current indie MMORPGs...

Of Kings and Men welcomes players to medieval war this month

For those who have often fantasized about riding around, living in, and fighting for a medieval country, Of Kings and Men would like to...

Ubisoft’s Werewolves Within is an online multiplayer VR ‘social deduction’ game

Ubisoft's newest game isn't exactly an MMORPG, but it is a VR multiplayer online title that revolves around what the company is calling "social...

Black Death pushes back its early release

Hope you weren't expecting to contract the virtual bubonic plague any time soon. The grim medieval survival game The Black Death announced yesterday that...

Survival sandbox The Black Death introduces the peasant’s bleak path

Green Man Loaded's upcoming medieval-themed survival sandbox (plus zombies) The Black Death is on a video roll this week; on offer today is a...

Wild Terra’s official trailer: One character from peasant to pugilist

Pining for an isometric indie sandbox? How about a "massively multiplayer life simulator" like Wild Terra? We've been following the game since last fall;...

Knight Online launches on Steam next week

The day has come for Knight Online. The old-school medieval MMORPG, first released in Korea in 2004, is being reborn on Steam on January...

Wild Terra delivers an isometric sandbox medieval world

Looking for an up-and-coming sandbox that isn't some weird jumble of voxels? Wild Terra would respectfully submit that you check out its isometric medieval...