Fight to the top in Reign of Guilds’ hardcore medieval world


Is there room enough in this industry for another self-proclaimed hardcore, old school MMORPG with all of the PvP fixins? Russian-based Atlant Games is betting that there is, as it’s deep in development with a medieval title called Reign of Guilds.

A cross between a kingdom simulator and a guild sieges, Reign of Guilds thrust players into a fantasy realm where they will vie for power, control, and territory. It’s all hard edges here, with full partial corpse looting, non-target combat, friendly fire, and the tantalizing possibility of clawing your way to the top to become the realm’s king.

Reign of Guilds has 10 months of development under its belt and is already wielding a prototype that has a few dozen players testing it. The studio said that it plans on launching a Kickstarter campaign for it in the future.


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zzz wake me up when all these PVP centric mmos start to fade

John Mclain

Problem is, it will just be replaced with another horrible game fad. I waited for MOBAs to die off, just to get shitty card games, waited for that to die off, then I got shitty battleground games. It never ends, they just get worse or are at least replaced with equally crappy trends.


Oh my, another open PvP gankbox, thats original….