Reign of Guilds moves toward alpha testing, talks about the game’s creation


With 15 developers now on staff and progression toward an alpha build, Reign of Guilds is slowly but surely taking shape as a hardcore medieval MMORPG sim.

The team said that it has packed up its public prototype and will be restricting the upcoming alpha to “ROG Club” participants who have supported the game. “ROG club membership is not a reward or present — this is our appeal to the active players to participate in test, share feedback, discuss classified information and so on,” the studio said.

In the first episode of the game’s developer diary, the team discusses how it is creating Reign of Guilds’ code, visual effects, animations, models, and locations. You can watch the full rundown after the jump.


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Robert Mann
3 years ago

Eh, guild warfare. Guild warfare. Guild warfare. Meh.

That’s always just going to be a bunch of drama and people trying to kill other people with the lowest possible tactics. No thanks.

Give me a game with reasons to actually have interest in things other than just killing each other… and maybe something will be interesting. I can imagine if trade was a huge important factor in gameplay, for example, and fortifications were a pain in the behind to assault (as they should be) that things could be different. Until then, though, no.