Anvil Empires starts testing the ‘very experimental’ family areas in its sandbox settlements


The production process in Siege Camp’s upcoming Anvil Empires is far more involved than your standard MMO’s crafting cycle, which is why the studio is taking extra time to lay out various steps in building up a medieval city. This past week’s dev blog focused on how players will refine lumber with sawbucks and saw mills to create the resources needed for building.

But if you give a mouse a saw mill, it will soon ask for a water wheel to power it. And if you give a mouse a water wheel, you’ll need to build a cistern to link up canal and other water networks to your settlement. It’s all very intricate and interconnected, in other words. [Please stop giving mice equipment! -Eds]

The studio also announced the addition of a “very experimental feature” in its pre-alpha build — family areas. Family areas restrict parts of a settlement to only a handful of approved users for building and customization.

“In it’s current minimal implementation, this feature will be missing critical functionality but the goal is to get the concept out there in testing as soon as possible so we can begin collecting feedback on what works and what doesn’t,” the studio said. “Expect this feature to be iterated on or removed in the near future.”

Source: Steam
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