EverQuest and EverQuest II kick off the Summer Spectacular as time-locked expansion servers advance

Not this.

The summer spectacular has arrived in EverQuest and EverQuest II. No mediocrity with summer for you, it’s all the spectacular here. The events run until July 8th, and while there’s very little going on within the lore of the game’s world, there are plenty of bonuses in-game. In EQII, you’ll enjoy having doubled status, guild experience, and currency rewards until the end of the event, with this doubling applied on top of normal member doubling, while in its classic cousin, expect “all XP, faction, and rare spawns [to] be increased by 76%.”

There’s probably a deity in Norrath you can thank for that if you’re really so inclined. No one has to know.

Players can also get a special Scorched Sky Carpet mount in EQII if they are already members during the event, and there are new items in the Marketplace to celebrate the season. For players who are less interested in what’s largely a marketing event, you can console yourself with new progress in the game’s time-locked expansion servers, with a new PvP season starting on Nagafen and the next expansion opening up on Kaladim on July 9th.

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This game truly needs a EQ2 Classic server.

Show peeps what true mmorpg’s were like before all the fisher price changes. Like OG EQ2, with the over buffing into higher end gear… making nails, glue, planing wood, all to make a chair…

The world is tired of fisher price game play but you f’ed this game over so bad no one including myself want to bother with it, we are in a world where the only thing peeps are looking froward to is wow classic?

Step up ffs.

Castagere Shaikura

Or maybe they should fix the game first. Classic servers seem to everyone go to answer to fix the problems. Game companies need to get back to doing the right things like they used to with their games instead of just slapping a classic server on and charging money for it.

MJ Guthrie
MJ Guthrie

They’ve done that the the progression servers, at least one I remember. But you have to be a member. And it is only temp (a couple years)