PixARK’s summer update introduces new subspecies and a sporty motorboat


Summer fun has arrived in the voxelated world of PixARK, whose latest patch introduced a slew of new aquatic subspecies and swanky seasonal outfits. Deep-sea explorers now have a chance to encounter three new critter subspecies. The deep ocean Puffer’s poisonous diet makes it especially toxic, and players can feed it carrion to create “a special sleeping potion.”

The deep ocean Angler, meanwhile, has the ability to discharge energy as a powerful static shock, paralyzing anything unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast. And as if super-huge sharks weren’t terrifying enough to begin with, the new deep ocean Megalodon has “mutated and mastered the ability to go into a fury state,” which grants additional power to its attacks as it takes damage.

Players can also catch the dandied-up holiday Dodo, which, in addition to being pretty darn adorable, provides additional experience when killed. So that’s why the Dodo went extinct. And on top of all that, players can now craft motorboats to travel the ocean with both speed and style, all while sporting two new beachwear costume skins that can be unlocked via blueprints that drop from holiday Dodo kills.

Want to see how the game plays before you plunk down your money? We streamed the game just this weekend!

Source: Patch Notes
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