Wakfu and Dofus both dropped summer patches and trailers


Wakfu never gets enough love from MMO players, but maybe its latest update will pique your interest: It’s called Pandalucia, and French developer Ankama Games is straight-up calling it a “full transmedia expansion” since it adds a zone that’s right out of the Wakfu animated series.

“A new zone is being added to the already dense geography and universe of the World of Twelve. Like the Brotherhood of the Tofu in the WAKFU animated series episode The Night of the Thirsters (season 2, episode 13), players can finally set foot in Pandalucia. […] With its postcard scenery, the new Update 1.64 is arriving under the sign of escape: in addition to the lush landscapes, bamboo crops, and picturesque village, there are also new monsters and dungeons. Also in this new update, you can discover the new Enchantment system that’s replacing Smithmagic, as well as graphical improvements to immerse you in the game more easily – the now-animated scenery breathes even more life into the adventure.”

Not to be outdone, Ankama’s other MMO, Dofus, also dropped a patch last week. Dubbed Revenge of the Feathered Dragon, it includes class rebalancing, a new island area, and a new questline.

Source: Official site, press releases
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