Queues for WoW Classic’s name reservation are probably a good thing in spite of player rage, right?

Oh my.

So WoW Classic opened name reservations last night as promised. Currently subbed players were allowed to log in and grab three of their favorite versions of Hairagorn and xxThrallxx and everything went smoothly and fine and everyone is happy.

Just kidding, everything was on fire. Apparently, so many people tried to grab names that there were literally massive queues. One reader told us his line was over 10,000 people when he tried. Naturally, the official Classic forums and subreddits are filled with frustration from folks who weren’t able to grab their names (even a popular streamer saw his name ganked), while other players, including at least one of our own writers, waltzed right onto their servers with no waits at all. Either way, the Classic WoW sub was put in restricted mode last night because of all the new topics about the mess, and then everything appears to have consolidated to a single “rage” thread with more than a few ups now.

On today’s podcast coming later today, we speculate on whether two dozen Classic servers is gonna be enough. We’d like to renew that concern, but you know – in a good way.

Did you get your name?

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