Lineage 2M’s Korean teaser website states that something is ‘coming soon’ in September


We’re not entirely sure what’s big for September for the upcoming mobile MMORPG Lineage 2M, but it’s easy to assume one doesn’t open up a teaser website and create a new video marking the month for no reason.

Korean players can soon look forward to something on the mobile MMORPG horizon this coming September, with the prevailing assumption being that September will be the start of closed beta. Unfortunately, that’s about all of the information we’re going to get out of this announcement for now: All we’ve heard up to this point is that Lineage 2M will be a mobile “reimagining” of the classic MMORPG, and considering that the new trailer uses the original Lineage II theme song, that seems to be holding true.

As for that new trailer, you can watch that below and just… sort of wonder along with us, I guess.


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