Here’s a kindly old chili cook to tell you about Bless Unleashed’s regenerative Soul Pyres


“Well, howdy there, pardner! C’mon over an’ set yerself down a spell. Things out there in Bless Unleashed are mighty dangerous and you look like you could rest. Lucky fer folks like yerself, there’s these here Soul Pyres all ’round the place.

What’s a Soul Pyre, you ask? Well, friend, it’s a light in the darkness an’ gloom of this here dangerous world. See, bein’ out in combat like you are means you need healin’, and unlike other worlds where you just stay put an’ blink into the middle distance to heal up, you have to either drink down a healing potion or find one of these here fires and catch yer breath. Soul Pyres are magical places of recovery, helpin’ ya rest up and harden up to git on back out there for some more varmint killin’. These things can even bring back the dead!

“Oh, but it ain’t jus’ about resting yerself up neither. You can even cook yerself up a nice, hearty meal. There’s diff’rent kinds of meals yew can make: either the sort you can carry ’round with you, or the sort meant to be shared at a Soul Pyre, which increases the rate’a healin’ it grants everyone. Probably why you came on by, I reckon. You smelled my chili on this here fire. Go on, have yerself a bowl. It’ll put the yee back in yer haw, guaranteed.

“One las’ thing ’bout Pyres: You can also use ’em as locations to salvage yer old equipment, breakin’ them on down to Artifact Shards that can strengthen the stuff you want to strengthen.

“Yessir, Soul Pyres are mighty good places to find. So make sure’n keep yer eyes open for places like this during that there November beta.”

source: official site via a friendly old codger who makes some good chili

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Ben Stone

Can you also use them to salvage Bless when it fails a third time?