Browser sandbox MMO Prosperous Universe says its free-to-play launch went well


It’s been a pretty busy few days for Prosperous Universe, as one would expect; having a free-to-play launch will do that to you. So it should also come as no surprise that the devs of the multiplayer sci-fi business manager have had little else to write about in their latest development log.

From all accounts, the free-to-play launch went smoothly even if the workload was significant. It also has been reportedly a successful launch, with 125 active users playing the game at once at one point. As of right now, work is being done on getting new developers hired, putting an FAQ online, and working on an influencer policy page, which will be arriving to the website soon in an effort to court content creators to the game. There was also a behind-the-scenes video released, though that’s currently only available who have bought a Planet-level APEX license.


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maydrock .

Free to Play! No microtransactions!

Wait, what? You want watch a video? Well, now, that’s 59 U.S.

Sorry, just busting on the dev’s. Actually a great group of people. Played for about 4 months, enjoyed my time. If you’re an economy player, you should give it a try.

The f2p announcement on the forums was a death knell for me though. Win some, lose some, I guess.


Why was it a death knell? The Free to Play accounts are limited and not the same as premium accounts, and they said it wasn’t really going to work without a lot more people playing it for the kind of stuff you had to do in the game and that the only way to get the numbers they needed was to introduce a Free to Play version.

It sounds like they didn’t change much other than add in free to play accounts that have limitations placed on them. Why did this kill the game for you?