Dauntless previews the punchy nature of Aether Strikers

Daunting punch.

Go ahead and get your falcon punch memes out of your system because the newest weapon in Dauntless is going to let you deliver a flurry of solid punches to enormous monsters in order to slay them. That’s it. That’s the concept. We are entering a bold new era of just punching giant monsters to death, and the newest preview shows off just how you can chain together a series of punches to make something much larger than you die.

The core system appears to be that you want to unlock Mantras, unleash your Tempest Form and Karma Breaker techniques, and then spam the powerful Adamant Bolt to really pile on the hurt to the monster you’re punching around. Yes, it’s a little bit silly to gut-punch something five times your size, but it’s the sort of glorious silliness you can’t help but love. So check out the full preview and get ready to start taking on your foes with the power of fists. They’re coming alongside the game’s 1.0 update on September 26th.

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It could be very nice addition if melee weapons were actually viable. Considering badly designed and tested gameplay- mobs have nearly unavoidable tennis-court-sized AoE and/or instant precise powerful strikes against targets which don’t move (i.e. player charging a strike) so you’ll either die a lot or will output close to zero DPS while running far away from the mob to avoid hits.

They’d better add bows and laser rifles.