The Division 2 releases a sweeping set of balance changes on its test server

Multi-digit division.

The next major patch for The Division 2 is scheduled for release in October, which means that the game is running out of time for testing things. So you can understand why the latest build for the test server has also rolled out a big chunk of changes that make significant adjustments to overall balance. For example, basic gear talents are now unique and not stacking, forcing players to avoid stacking the same talent on multiple pieces of gear.

Changes also involve adjusting several more gear and weapon talents along with widespread remodeling of the weapon damage profiles, informed by both statistical modeling and player feedback. Skills have also been individually tuned for PvP to ensure that players are fighting one another in a fair environment. It’s a whole lot of balance changes, and intrepid players ready to see how the alterations feel should jump on to the test server to try out the new and altered shooting experience.

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*sniff* Smells like enhancement diversification all over again. Last thing we needed was less specialization. Bonus points for adjusting PvE due to PvP, gg Ubi.

Bullet Teeth

Just read the patch notes. They’re obviously not connected with the playerbase at all. I’m fascinated by the disconnection here.

They’re making all gear talents unique, so all the Vital & Hard Hitting talents I spent DAYS farming for to min-max a SMG Clutch build to get over 200k health is now pretty much useless. Literally. Then they’re just adding in a bunch of shit talents that buff damage. So the new meta is pretty much set. Plus you still have to create a fucking build from these horrible decisions that doesn’t suck ass and can hold it’s own in the raid content which is STILL difficult for console players as is.

So once this patch goes live, it’ll basically be slamming your face on the wall until you or someone else creates an interesting build that’s actually enjoyable to play.

The thing that really blows my mind, what really lights my fuse…is this is the sequel. This is the same team making the same mistakes in essentially the same game. THE SEQUEL! Destiny, TD1, the Anthem disaster, taught them nothing. It’s like this is their first time the second time around.


It was clear from the beta tests: the team has no clue – what they are doing exactly? And/or don’t have time and resources to check the ideas before dumping them onto players.

Fortunately, from Oct, 1 there will be Ghost Recon Breakpoint which use all the successful ideas from The Division 2.


Breakpoint is going to devastate TD2. I’ve played both and Breakpoint does everything better. Loot is better, combat is better, classes are more distinct and meaningful. Even the cover system is more fluid and natural allowing the level designers more freedom instead of having to litter every play area with obvious cover spots.


Yes, and the beautiful thing is, Ghost Recon has managed to do it without turning the enemies all into bullet sponges. A headshot still kills.

The drones are a pain in the arse, but metal.. that is fine.

Sasha Alex

Am i reading this right…
Is this the same crap Bungie did with Destiny 2 when it launched.
Nerfing everything to hell just to make PVP balanced…

If i see a single drop in damage or cooldown on skills im gonna choke somebody on their dev team virtually. Like in Tron.

Tee Parsley

Tuning a PVE/PVP game for pvp….N0thing’s ever gone wrong doing that….

Well, hope they’ve got their ducks in a row.