Red Dead Online offers a new legendary bounty for the Owlhoot family

Not pictured: condor, bounty.

It’s time to hunt yourself a new bounty in Red Dead Online with the addition of the legendary Owlhoot family. This group of desperados is wanted for numerous acts of barbarism, including but not limited to murder, theft, and saying curse words near children. Players will need to bring them to justice by October 7th after picking up the poster on the nearest bounty board, so get ready to take down a notorious group of bandits; just be aware you might need help to manage the task.

Players who prefer to avoid the whole hunting of criminals, meanwhile, can take part in the new free roam event chasing after a condor egg, or just pick up the new hatchet available from a variety of vendors. You can also grab some new bonus rewards with two-step verification and for clearing these new events, so get out into the wasteland and starting hunting some criminals. Or condor eggs. Or both, really.

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For those younger than semi-geezer me, who might not get the in-joke, the C19th US slang definition of an owlhoot goes as follows:

“In form owlhoot. Especially in the language of Wild West fiction, etc.: a fugitive, an outlaw. Hence: a worthless or contemptible person. Frequently attributive, especially in “owlhoot trail” (used allusively with reference to the life of a fugitive or outlaw).


Mid 19th century; earliest use found in Blackwood’s Magazine. From owl + hoot.”

Basically, it’s like calling these bounty targets “the Crook family” or “The Badguy family”.


2Ton Gamer

I plan on capturing this crook family this weekend and looking forward to it. Thanks for the lesson, glad to see the devs are putting more thought into these missions. 😀