Star Wars: The Old Republic outlines rewards for Season 11 PvP and readies Season 12


The most recent ranked PvP season for Star Wars: The Old Republic is just about coming to a close, which means it’s almost time to rake in that sweet, sweet loot. The game’s official site has offered up a look at just what awaits the most victorious participants and provided a rough window for when Season 12 will kick off.

Those who hit certain solo or group ratings will fall into one of four tiers. Each tier is getting an appropriate flair, battle flag, decoration, titles, and a big sum of Ranked Tokens. Those who hit the Platinum tier will be getting their own flair and title as well as every reward offered to the other three tiers with the exception of their Token grants.

Just what can these Tokens get you? Something from the Precise Insurgent’s weapon set or a replica item from season 2 — more specifically, a pleasure barge decoration and a rather creepy-looking Huttball helmet as pictured in the header image.

Season 11 will wrap up with the launch of Onslaught on Tuesday, October 22nd. As for the start of Season 12, players can look forward to that in December in order to grant them time to get acclimated to the wrinkles that Set Bonuses and Tacticals introduce to character builds.

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The observation has been made before, but sometimes it feels like there are developers on the Star Wars: The Old Republic development team who really, really like PvP, so it always gets announced and touted with such flourish — meanwhile, the numerical majority of players seem to be there for the PvE content only.

Not saying there’s anything wrong with PvP players getting developer love — only that I suspect the development crew believes (or wishes?) that more of the game’s player population likes/liked PvP play the way they do. :-)

Just an amused opinion,


I think a lot of this has to do with the whole “pivot to what the influencers like” direction that the game moved towards after Ben Irving left/was replaced as EP. Whenever online games get into trouble, thats the go to move; however, for SWTOR they spent so much time alienating that audience that trying to re-engage them is next to impossible. They spent years years favoring a solo, story oriented crowd without generating any non-story content directed at that crowd, and eventually the solo/story people got tired of running the same mediocre story content with nothing else to keep them and they left too. This has really been the issue with SWTOR since the start: over investing into a single content type at the expense of keeping the overall player base engaged. They seem to have finally hit equilibrium, but it feels way too late to attract a sizable audience ever again.

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Richard de Leon III

Its no surprise, most Bioware fans are there for the story, so PVE is top priority. Blame it on the success of their previous srpg offerings.