Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online are officially live for PC


Red Dead Redemption 2’s PC launch is officially upon us as Rockstar opened the gates as of 8 a.m. EST this morning – and yep, that also means Red Dead Online’s MMO-ish multiplayer set is finally playable by PC lovers.

You’re too late to preorder, of course, but you can still grab the game on the Rockstar Games Launcher, Epic Games store, Greenman Gaming, the Humble Store, and GameStop, though it’s cheaper and comes with more goodies if you buy directly from Rockstar. Yes, it’s still coming to Steam, but not until December.

As PC Gamer points out, the first mods are already available on Nexus Mods, including one that turns Arthur into the Joker for some unknown reason.

Source: Press release

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The Weeb formerly known as Sray
The Weeb formerly known as Sray

I’m a day one purchaser here, and I’m disappointed: it’s kind of a sloppy port. I’ve cranked the graphics up to the max, and I honestly don’t see much difference versus the Xbox One X version. The jankyness from the consoles is still there, which means that M+K isn’t any better than controller. None of the control buttons can be remapped. The mouse often doesn’t “catch” onto menu options, which can make things as diverse as appearance changes to simply exiting the game a major chore. I haven’t hit any of the reported game breaking bugs yet, but a lot of this stuff should have been caught before now, and the inability to remap buttons is a shocking oversight. It kind feels like the only thing they did to bring it to PC was program in some sort of M+K input to controller input emulator: kind of like they just programmed in an integrated Xim Apex and called it a day.

The game itself is what it is (I personally consider it an amazing interactive experience; but a pretty poor video game), but the technical work on this port leaves more than a little to be desired.

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Install the Rockstar launcher? Hard pass.


You mention MMO-ish multiplayer. Could you expand?

I kinda just got the impression it was going to be lobby-based with some small open world multiplayer, just like GTAO. There was nothing MMO-ish about GTAO.

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Sean Barfoot

Finally got around to finishing this on PS4 yesterday. I thought it was incredible. Visually stunning, thoroughly immersive, and beautifully sad.

I haven’t got round to trying the online portion yet. Largely, because it appears to be GTA online in a lot of ways, and I’ve had my fill of that experience.


Multiplayer works surprisingly well for a launch day.


I didn’t know Steam is only getting the game in December. That’s a bit disappointing, but i’ll still wait for it.

Axetwin .

A month wait is a better pill to swallow than 12.