Mobile augmented reality game Minecraft Earth enters early access in the US


The real world and the world of Minecraft — or at least its general sense of collaborative building — have combined with the early access launch of Minecraft Earth, an augmented reality mobile game that has finally reached our shores here in the United States.

For those not following, early access for this mobile title has been on a steady rollout with early access first coming to various countries across the globe starting in mid-October. As of this past Tuesday, the US has finally been included.

Minecraft Earth looks to have all of the trappings of the original game, including pets, fighting monsters, and (naturally) building a wide variety of blocky things, only through the lens of augmented reality on mobile, which should make exploring builds seem just a bit more immersive, particularly if you’re not able to afford a virtual reality system. The early access build will feature the ability to put down a buildplate, resource tappables to find and harvest from, crafting and smelting of resources, and the ability to fight monsters in adventures.


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The iOS 13 mutlitasking bug makes this pretty tough to play – it aggressively kills any background task, or even the foreground task if the screen goes off. So instead of just having ME buzz you when there’s a resource you have to keep the screen on constantly or iOS will gut it like a pig.

Otherwise it’s just resource collecting with your actual terrain turned into fields and roads. You can also put down pre-built build plates and add to them, but I don’t see any way to build anything permanent. As soon as iOS murders your app the thing is gone.