Leaderboard: Are you still playing WoW Classic?


On today’s MassivelyOP podcast, Justin and I briefly discuss WoW Classic and how quiet the buzz around it’s gotten lately. It actually irks me that Blizzard’s fumble with the Bliztchung fiasco probably hurt WoW Classic’s longevity since it came at such an unlucky moment. But of course we’ve also been watching MMORPGs long enough to know that they all settle down after the initial burst, and that doesn’t necessarily mean doom.

Let’s put it to a poll for our community – are you still playing WoW Classic? Yep, you can tell us if you never did, too.

Are you still playing WoW Classic?

  • Yes I am still playing WoW Classic specifically. (46%, 681 Votes)
  • I am currently playing both Retail and Classic WoW. (6%, 87 Votes)
  • I was playing WoW Classic, but now I am playing Retail. (9%, 130 Votes)
  • I skipped WoW Classic, but I am playing Retail right now. (2%, 33 Votes)
  • I was playing WoW Classic, but I'm not playing any version of WoW now. (18%, 267 Votes)
  • I was never playing WoW Classic. (13%, 189 Votes)
  • I'm playing WoW on some sort of unofficial rogue server. (1%, 10 Votes)
  • View tally / night elf butts (5%, 72 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,469

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Tried Classic but could simply not stand the questing, it is so ridiculous boring how quests are in Classic, no thanks. I am back to FF14 and ESO.

Christmas Dog

Nope. My retail guild had about 30 players all pop over, but after a few weeks we only had about five people still going strong. Now only two people in our guild still play, and only because they are interested in griefing open world spaces with PvP.


Still boycotting even though I miss playing Classic =[

Kickstarter Donor

Definitely still playing. Having a blast leveling my Druid.

Although I’ve taken a break the last couple of nights to play some FO76 with my brother.


Oh Hell Yeah!!!

Still playing the chit out of Classic, well not strictly 100% as i did for the first few months as i’m back into SWG legends too, each one getting equal time. I mean just look at the streams, and what not, huge battles, sieges, i mean OMG Classic.

Stopped by heard about Brad. Damn. I browse this site every few days for news, for me i just like to play and yea, i got my two mmorpg’s and both ain’t going anywhere, so basically not shopping much. Still have Pantheon, and Camelot on radar but until something comes along which is better than SWG:Legends or Classic, that’s where I’ll be.


Still playing, still going strong.

IronSalamander8 .

Haven’t played it and uninstalled WoW already. Our guild that was playing it has dropped from 40 peak to 8 tops now, and only 3-4 that play regularly. It wasn’t that exciting the first time, no reason to go back.

Anthony Clark

Yes I am and LOVING IT!

Jim Bergevin Jr

I was, up until Blizzard shot themselves in the foot. Then, just as I was about to say “OK, fine” Brack had to put that foot in his mouth. So even though my sub does not run out until January, I’m still debating on whether I have seen enough yet to say I’m OK with going back to supporting Blizzard.


I am still playing although I have to admit the return of the Honor system made me remember how broken the thing really was. If I am lucky I will reach rank 10 but anything beyond seems impossible.

Problem is WoW Classic is the only polished MMO that does the design i like (tab targetting, non-anime aesthetics etc, factions and world pvp).

The next game i love, Warhammer Online Return of Reckoning, is much better for mass-scale pvp but the difference in quality is day and night.