Fallout 76’s latest patch focuses on bugs, but probably not the ones you wanted fixed


It’s a testament to how messy this year has been for Fallout 76 that I see patch notes on Twitter and cringe, hoping as I click on the link that it’s not going to be another disaster. This patch is not quite that; if anything, it’s a long list of fairly minor bug fixes, ranging from tweaks to the super buggy scrapbox and music to adjustments to C.A.M.P.s and costume graphics. There are also quite a few tweaks specific to the cash shop, including a new Fallout 1st category therein and loot bag skin favoriting.

We’ll be charitable and assume Bethsoft is simply hard at work on the Wastelanders expansion, which was delayed to 2020 a few weeks ago, but charity doesn’t fly over on Reddit, where players have responded to the patch notes with yawns, long lists of new bugs and old bugs that still haven’t been fixed, and complaints that the fixes apply chiefly to subbers and cash-shop whales. So, you know, it’s a day that ends in Y.

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