Fallout 76’s latest patch focuses on bugs, but probably not the ones you wanted fixed


It’s a testament to how messy this year has been for Fallout 76 that I see patch notes on Twitter and cringe, hoping as I click on the link that it’s not going to be another disaster. This patch is not quite that; if anything, it’s a long list of fairly minor bug fixes, ranging from tweaks to the super buggy scrapbox and music to adjustments to C.A.M.P.s and costume graphics. There are also quite a few tweaks specific to the cash shop, including a new Fallout 1st category therein and loot bag skin favoriting.

We’ll be charitable and assume Bethsoft is simply hard at work on the Wastelanders expansion, which was delayed to 2020 a few weeks ago, but charity doesn’t fly over on Reddit, where players have responded to the patch notes with yawns, long lists of new bugs and old bugs that still haven’t been fixed, and complaints that the fixes apply chiefly to subbers and cash-shop whales. So, you know, it’s a day that ends in Y.


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A slight correction I’d like to point out; Bethesda Softworks is the publishing company and Bethesda Game Studios are the developers. Bethsoft is responsible for things like Fallout 1st and the Atomic Shop, while BGS is responsible for the game, Wastelanders, and fixing bugs.

Lord Klaus

FAKEOut 76: born dead but somehow still walking. Perfectly fine for a World that still love zombies (no idea why btw)


“including a new Fallout 1st category therein and loot bag skin favoriting.”

I assume the first one is an exclusive part of the cash shop only for subscribers. I don’t think I want to know what the second one is.

Bryan Correll

It’s probably just a nylon skin for the loot bag.


Been a huge huge fan and have every game of theirs and logged too many hours to count but with the negativity surrounding this game I have held off and tbh have no intentions of trying it out.


I can’t help but wonder; are you guys intentionally painting a bad picture of poor ol’ Fallout 76 or is the game really as bad as portrayed in each and every editorial?

I know, I know, the game really is thát bad, I’m just not ready yet to accept what Bethesda has become.

So full denial it is; you guys paint a bad picture of a perfectly good game!

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I mean, the discussions around the game aren’t entirely rosy. Reddit was on fire at launch, chilled when they seemed to get back on track, and recently has caught on fire again since Bethesda screwed up with the Fallout First nonsense and other issues. MOP were pretty positive during that chill period since there was actual good news coming for the game, it’s just that there’s not a ton of that left right now.

Bethesda hasn’t really “become” much of anything too different than what they’ve always been.

Garbage monetization? Check, we can date that back to horse armor at the very least.
Buggy, broken games? Check, this dates back to forever and was curiously always viewed as a “feature” rather than the bugs they were.
Poor design decisions and technical problems? Yep, there as well. As with the bugs above, PC modders usually provided fixes long before Bethesda.
Crappy PC ports? Fallout 4 says what’s up.

This is the same Bethesda people knew and loved. The problem is that they made games good enough for the fandom to overlook and ignore these problems for the most part. And FO76 has both far worse bugs and isn’t as good as earlier titles, so the longstanding issues are all but impossible to ignore now.


I don’t think the issue is Fo76 being any more buggy than previous Bethesda games, but instead that the always online nature of FO76 both make it impossible for players to fix things themselves (which isn’t just about mods; loading a previous save from before a bug struck also counts) and make any bug or exploit far more damaging to the game.

I mean, every one of the Bethesda-made single-player Elder Scrolls and Fallout games has exploits to make your character basically god mode which don’t require using any actual bugs; this is actually perfectly fine in an offline game, but in an online game it completely breaks any semblance of balance.

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This is what Bethesda has always been. DLC is what it is now because of Bethesda. Bethesda did everything in their power to charge for other people mods – but the swell was too much. They are hard at work fixing that problem no doubt. Never content on just making a great game and moving on to the next great game – more money for less work has been their motto for quite some time.

Nathan Aldana

76 is basically what happens when a company decides profit matters more than whether they piss off all but rtheir most hardcore fans.

Bruno Brito

Dude, do you really think MOP NEEDS to paint this game as bad? The game is a fucking shitshow and it speaks for itself.

But i’ll make you a better question:

Do you honestly think that we wanted a Fallout game to be a shitshow? Because i’m highly sure we all wanted this game to be good, great, the best thing since the fucking pyramids.